Guerini Elio S.r.l.'s offices and plant



In 1980 the activity of a little firm called “Oleodinamica Guerini Elio” begins, and in 1991 a limited joint-stock company is constituted, "GUERINI ELIO S.R.L.", which has its registered and operating office in Pian Camuno (Brescia ) , Italy.
Even though the company has not abandoned its starting activity in industrial hydraulic plants, during these latest years , it has manufactured a lot of special machines for the carrying out of big road works. The company not only limits itself to designing and production but also completes its work with the assembling and the handling of the equipment on building yards.
The equipment is directed towards the carrying out of bridges , viaducts, natural and artificial tunnels, etc.


The company is the leader in this area in the whole national market, thanks to flexibility in manufacturing different kinds of equipment and to high technology in moving techniques.

The market does not offer this kind of special machines; they are studied and manufactured from time to time on the grounds of the necessities of the client. 

Some of the existing machines can be re-studied, modified and adjusted for a new work.

In these special machines (quite always prototypes) hydraulic plant and automatic systems are installed , in order to give them features of great productivity , essential , nowadays , to reduce times and, consequently, the costs of the works which have to be carried out.

The GUERINI ELIO S.R.L. offers its machines both on sell and on rent.

It’s important to underline that the activity is not limited to machines for bridges and tunnels , but includes also structures hydraulically mechanized, such as:

elevators : elevator for tank for quenching bath company Olma spa, elevators for cars in Mercedes car dealership in Florence;

metal supporting structures for buildings (Mercedes car dealership in Florence);

 gantry crane of high capacity Lucchini Siderurgica’s plant in Lovere (BG)

 lifting hoists , e.g. for company Edilmac.


The company works in the whole area of Italy and in foreign countries.

Some main works were supplied in Algeria, Albania, Argentina, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, France, Taiwan, Russia.

For further information about the works, please see our photos.

Our Equipment

Our main clients are:

Gi.Co. Costruzioni S.p.A.

Doka Italia S.p.A.

Co.E.Stra. S.p.A.

Primorje d.d.  - Slovenia

I.N.C. General Contractor S.p.A.

Quadrio Curzio S.p.A.

Locatelli Geom. Gabriele S.p.A.

Italstrade S.p.A.

Impregilo S.p.A.

Grandi Lavori Fincosit S.p.A.

Edilmac S.r.l.

Hünnebeck Italia S.p.A.

Asfalti Sintex S.p.A.

C.A.V. Torino-Milano-Novara

Locatelli Geom. Gabriele spa

S.C.A. S.p.A.

Vianini Lavori S.p.A.

Astaldi S.p.A.

Torino Scavi Manzone spa